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How Not To Get RIPPED OFF Selling Your Gold Jewelry

Read this before you sell your gold!

In this difficult economy, more and more people are selling their gold jewelry for cash. Have you seen the people standing out on street corners, spinning their “WE BUY YOUR GOLD” signs, beckoning you to their stores or booths?

There are a few things you need to know BEFORE you sell your broken and unwanted gold chains, earrings, bracelets, watches and rings. Below is the chart which shows how gold prices have skyrocketed in just one year:

What is your gold worth today?

So how do you calculate the price per gram weight on gold? It’s a little complicated. When your gold is purchased, it is then sent to a refiner. The refiner has a lot of overhead expenses, such as pricey equipment for environmental restrictions (alloys can contain very harmful agents), acids, labor, etc. plus there are impurities also. Your 14K gold may not be exactly 14K gold. Unless it states “14K P” on the hallmark of your jewelry, it probably is a tad less than 14K. The “P” means Plumb, or exactly 14K. The refinery will typically charge a 12 to 15% fee for refining down your gold or silver.

Here are equations that we use and will typically work as the NET per gram price, after refining fees: 10K gold: spot price X.0119 = price per gram 14K gold: spot price X.0168 = price per gram 18K gold: spot price X.0220 = price per gram 22K gold: spot price X.02745 = price per gram

You can easily find the current price of gold (spot price) on the Internet. Today gold is about $ 1500 per ounce. That means 14K will be worth: 1500 X.0168 = $ 25.20 per gram to the person that buys your gold. A good price for you to get today for 14K gold would be $17.00 per gram.

What you need to know:

1. If your jewelry has a gemstone(s) in it, chances are you will be giving it to the gold buyer. Almost all of these buyers are interested in ONE THING – the metal. Some of them don’t have a clue about colored gemstones. They usually know about diamonds, but very few know anything about colored gemstones. Some of these buyers will pay you their gold per gram rate for the gemstone, especially if it’s small to medium size. It’s easier for them just to weigh the entire piece of jewelry and pay you – besides, they’re usually making a lot of money on the transaction, and can afford to do it this way. It may not be a good deal for you however. For example… let’s say you have a 14K gold ring with a small blue gemstone in it. The gold buyer will weigh the ring and give you the price based upon the total gram weight of the ring, including the gemstone. That might great for you if that blue stone is quartz or topaz (less expensive colored gemstones), but what if it’s Apatite, Zircon, Aquamarine, Spinel, Blue Diamond, Sapphire, Paraiba or Indicolite Tourmaline,… etc.? Any of these gemstones are very valuable, and it probably would be a good idea to remove the gemstone and either reset it in a setting that you will wear or sell it. When you are talking about gemstones, the weight is measured in Carats. The conversion from Carats to Grams (what your gold is measured in) is: 5 Carats = 1 Gram. So, let’s say you have a 5 carat Paraiba Tourmaline and you choose to leave it in the setting. You will get a price of $15. per gram, so this Paraiba is worth $15. (1 gram). A little checking on the Internet will tell you that Paraiba can be worth upwards of $5,000 per Carat, or $25,000. (This is an extreme example, as Paraiba Tourmaline is copper-bearing and VERY rare, but it illustrates the point).

2. Let’s say you want to have a gold buying party. All of your friends come to the party with their gold jewelry that they don’t wear anymore and want that extra cash that their jewelry might bring. Did you do any price comparisons? There are a lot of people that put on these parties and make a fortune – on your jewelry. Do your homework! ASK THE IMPORTANT QUESTION – HOW MUCH WILL THEY PAY PER GRAM FOR Silver, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K and PLATINUM jewelry. It’s much better to use an established, local resource for this party. Ask about security. How many people will be there from the buyer’s business?

3. As of this week, gold is at an all-time high, with the price for 14K to be at about $ 25. per gram. That means an HONEST Gold Buyer will purchase your 14K gold jewelry for about $15. per gram. That’s a good price. Some of the people that are putting on gold buying parties in your home, or in their stores are paying $9. or $10. per gram – that’s a ripoff! Just ask them how much they pay per gram, and comparison shop. This could save you hundreds of dollars!

4. What about Gold Filled, Gold Plated and Silver Jewelry? That is valuable too… same applies – ask the gold buyer what they will pay per gram, and price shop – it’s worth your time.

5. Do not ever – I repeat – ever mail in your gold jewelry to anyone for conversion to cash. They can rip you off any number of ways, i.e., underestimate the gram weight in their favor, etc. Once they have your jewelry, it’s out of your control.

6. Be VERY wary of the new gold buying shops that are popping up everywhere. You will fare much better at an established store that has been there for many years. Whether it’s a pawn shop or a jewelry store, I would give them your business. If their per gram price is less than their competition, I would give them the opportunity to match the price. These gold buying shops that pop up are typically a satellite store of a large business far away, are there for a short time and will severely hurt your long-time trusted local businesses.

7. Recently, there was a gold buying set up at a local Holiday Inn. They did a LOT of advertising, and there were a lot of people who brought their unwanted gold and silver to sell. I was SHOCKED at how people didn’t even realize that they were getting ripped off, and didn’t ask what they would be paid per gram. It turned out to be $ 5.00/gram. One woman had 63 grams of 14K gold (most people had more gold for sale). Because she didn’t realize she was being ripped off, she was thrilled with $315.00 she was paid. She didn’t realize that a fair price for her broken and unwanted jewelry should have been $1,008.00.

8. The current trend right now is Antique Jewelry. If you have really nice piece of Antique Jewelry, and you can’t keep it, get it appraised by a reputable Jeweler – but don’t tell them that you want to sell it (they may quote you a very low appraisal and try to buy it themselves). You might want to try eBay. You will only get wholesale pricing on the jewelry, but it will be better than the scrap prices offered.

9. Remember – the buying and selling of jewelry can be a lot like the car business. They talk “deals”, and some of them employ the same selling tactics. If you are looking to purchase some new jewelry, treat your unwanted jewelry like a used car trade-in. Get the appraisal on the jewelry first, including the gram weight, then negotiate on the new purchase.

In summary:

• always ask what the buyer is willing to pay per gram, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, Silver and Platinum

• shop and compare prices

• never mail your gold for cash

• try to do business with a local merchant (Pawn Broker or Jewelry Store). If they offer less per gram, give them the opportunity to match the price from the pop-up gold buyer

• only use a reputable LOCAL source if you are planning to have a gold buying party; be security conscious and shop for the best price per gram

• determine what the gemstones are in the unwanted jewelry before selling it… if they are worth anything, remove them

Gold Jewelry: The Ultimate Adornment For Style, Beauty And Class

Gold jewelry can never go out of style. It can look good on almost everyone. It is the ultimate amalgamation of classic beauty, wealth and style.

The value of gold jewelry depends not only upon the style or the designer who has designed it, but most importantly it is dependent upon the quality of gold used to make the gold jewelry. The quality of gold in the gold jewelry is determined by its percentage or by the karat. The higher the karat number, the higher the percentage of gold in your gold jewelry. The various karat numbers are 24K, 18K, 14K, 12K and 10K – 24K is pure gold.

Gold jewelry is also available in various forms. In some cases it is plated with gold, in some it is filled with gold and in some others the gold jewelry is made of pure gold. Gold by itself is very soft and isn’t practical for daily wear which is why it has to be mixed with other additional metals to give it tensile strength such that it can be molded into various designs. Other metals are mixed with it to make it more durable (and to lower its cost).

Adding other metals to the mix also allows metallurgists to change the color of gold. Palladium or nickel can be added to create white gold. Adding copper produces a rose or pink tint, while silver gives gold a greenish cast. If you want jewelry which can be worn regularly then it is wise to get it made out of solid gold (Solid gold is a term that can be used to describe an item that’s at least 10K (in the US) gold all the way through. Even though it’s a gold alloy–18K, 14K, or anything down to 10K–it can be called solid gold.).

Gold has in a way always stood as a symbol for wealth, prestige and power. Through times immemorial gold jewelry has been the ultimate ornamentation for kings, queens and noblemen. At one point of time, gold jewelry was also seen as a status symbol and was not meant for the common man. It still is looked upon as a status symbol since not every one can afford gold jewelry. However because of the numerous forms in which gold jewelry is available to day (such as plated gold, gold filled, gold coated jewelry or gold jewelry of a lower karat), it can now be easily bought by anyone.

Gold jewelry does not entail very big or intricate designs, it can even be quite small simple and delicate. How so ever a piece of jewelry maybe, it immediately stands out. There is a timeless classic appeal surrounding it which can never go out of fashion. Gold jewelry is not only something which you can buy for yourself or as a gift to someone you love; you can also buy gold jewelry to keep as an asset. The value of gold jewelry does not depreciate, it only appreciates with time. It can prove to be a very valuable investment.

Gold jewelry is the timeless classic statement of personal style, beauty and sophisticated elegance.

The Glimmering World of Gold Jewelry – Great For Gifts

Undoubtedly, gold remains as the ultimate medium of
jewelry expression. For thousands of years, gold has
beguiled man with its beauty, its warm luster and glow
and its amazing attributes. Artisans and jewelers have
crafted gold into stunning pieces of jewelry that are
priceless and eternal. Gold is one of the most precious
of earth’s metals. It can be found almost anywhere but
it is very difficult to extract pure gold. Although
platinum is more expensive, gold remains unsurpassed as
the most popular jewelry metal. As it does not corrode
or rust, gold jewelry is exceptionally durable. It is
also very malleable and pliable: a single ounce of gold
can be drawn into a thin wire stretching almost 5
miles. In fact it is the most malleable and ductile
metal known to man.

Pure gold or 24-karat gold is soft and pliable. That is
why it is mixed with other metals to increase its
durability. Karat quality determines the purity of
gold. For instance, 14-karat gold is 14 parts pure gold
mixed with 10 parts of a base metal. The higher the
karat rating is, the higher the proportion of pure
gold. Most gold jewelry pieces are marked with its
karat quality. This helps you verify that the product
you are viewing are truly made of gold. Gold is crafted
into an endless myriad of jewelry pieces such as rings,
chains, bracelets, charms, pendants, brooches, earrings
and others. Moreover, because of the many amazing
qualities of gold have many other uses. It is used in
dentistry, coinage and for industrial purposes. The
value of gold forms the base of monetary standard by
many nations.

Buying gold jewelry is an excellent investment. Any
jewelry collection would not be complete without any
gold jewelry. Its radiant, sensual and warm quality
make it the preferred metal used in wedding rings and
other jewelry meant to be given to a loved one. When
buying gold jewelry there are some important things to
consider. One of these is the karat quality, as
mentioned above. The different karat qualities include
10-karat gold, 14-karat gold and 18-karat gold.
However, some gold jewelry is not necessarily purely
made of gold. Jewelry can also be plated with gold.
This means that a base metal is coated with a layer of
gold. In time, the layer of gold will wear away
depending on how often the piece is worn. Other terms
you should know about gold jewelry include gold-filled,
gold overlay, and rolled gold plate.

When choosing gold jewelry, it is important to know its
qualities and characteristics. Gold jewelry has many
finishes such as matte gold, which is achieved by using
an abrasive, resulting in a dull and non-reflective
surface. Another kind of finish is the high-polish
finish, where the jewelry is polished to an almost
mirror-like shine. Gemstones and other metals that can
be inlaid with the gold itself add another dimension of
beauty and value, although gold is simply stunning by
itself. Choose a piece of gold jewelry that matches
your personality. Whether it is a simple gold chain, a
ring engraved with your names or a chunky gold
bracelet, you will find the gold jewelry piece that
exudes your personality. Moreover, wearing it also
enhances the way you look, giving you class and style.
Without a doubt, gold continues to enamor men and
women, and continues to be the ultimate jewelry metal.